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I am pleased to introduce to you my lovely friend Maren. She’s pretty amazing, and also just so happens to be single. Because of both of these things, she came up with a fun idea to make snarky Valentines for her other single friends. When she told me her ideas, I was so excited to make it happen! Here are some of the pictures from our photo shoot together and some of the resulting Valentines. If you’d like to print your own, you can download a PDF of all the designs here.

I had so much fun with these I couldn’t help but finish it off with a box and perforation, full on, kid character style!


Below are some of the Valentine’s and some of the other pictures I liked, there are so many more, too many to put here, but gee whiz, this chica is gorgeous and amazingly fun to spend an after shooting with!

Over the past several months I have been photographing some local mamas for a project. Every summer I do a personal project for nothing other than to see something beautiful in my head realized and to help me and hopefully you remember that the best things in life are the simple, natural and everyday things we have before us each day. This year I wanted to simple capture mothers breastfeeding. There is no motive here other than to show that breastfeeding is beautiful and normal and different for every mother.

Many of of breastfeeding babies, depending on how many we have fore years during our lifetime and some people never have a single photo of it. I simply wanted to document this stage for some sweet mamas and their children.

If photos for breastfeeding offend you nutrition hgh, you may not want to be on a birth photographer’s blog, haha, but more importantly you may need to relax and know that women’s bodies and their breasts need not be sexualized. They were created for an amazing gift of nourishment and can be seen by generations to come as a healthy and normal part of childbearing and rearing if we only diaplay them as such. Blessings.

This is me breastfeeding Josiah at somewhere around 3-5 months (it was on film so no date stamp!). Outside of the hospital it is my only photo of me breastfeeding either of my babies, and one I cherish. My husband took this during one of his photography projects in art school. I think he was the only student who showed a photo of his wife topless to the class. 🙂


Yes, I am back form Kenya, trying to catch up, spending time with my family, edit images www alteril and keep up with all the new babies! (yay!) Will be sharing more later!


Yesterday I had an amazing time with 9 really fun kids and a really cool fort. I really can’t tell you how much I love my job during projects like these. 🙂 A big thanks to my brother Josh for helping me build the fort, the ladies at Cute as a Button Designs for their awesome hand made accessories,  Kate, my beautiful neighbor and friend for helping with face painting and listening to me ramble about my ideas while planning for this, and for all the parents who brought your kids out to play yesterday!

The idea behind this shoot came to me when I remembered a book called, The Berenstain Bears No Girls Allowed that I had as a kid. I remember reading this book and thinking to myself: “That is the coolest fort ever, in the coolest spot ever!!!” Once the thought of the images in the book entered my mind, I immediately bought the book (Kindle edition that night! I am so impatient.) The I started envisioning this fun, real life scenario where kids build a cool fort and get out and play in it. Not the kind of play most kids do today, where we make sure they are dressed in layers with socks and shoes, stay withing 5 feet of a parent or paid caregiver and play in a fenced yard (if outside at all) until no later than 2 hours before dark. The kind of play I am thinking of is where kids drag stuff out of their rooms, wearing whatever mismatched get up they put together made from last year’s Halloween costume, something you wish they wouldn’t get dirty and some of other hand me down piece of play clothes they wear until it is 2 sizes too small. They take all their favorite things to a spot in the neighborhood, just outside the view of mom’s kitchen window and play until the street lights come on wearing no shoes, a little dirt, and some craft paint, creating the most fashion forward outfit a child could image.

This is the kind of play I wanted to create for these kids. Sure their were lots of parents watching and chatting, but for the most part the exploration and genuine fun went on until the street lights came on. 🙂

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So I have this idea that I am working on for a photo shoot, based on some artwork from a favorite childhood book of mine, The Bearestein Bears: No Girls Allowed. I have a style sheet done using images that I complied from various internet sources to try and piece together what I envision in my head.

I want to set up a fun fort in the woods using a few pallets and blankets or fabric and show girls in the 3-8 year old range in play-clothes mixed with some more odd pieces, such as wings or feathers or funky jewelry, head pieces or hair accessories.  I want to actually portray how enchanted it would look if a bunch of kids built a playground exactly the way they wanted and dressed exactly the way they wanted. I want to show off local people’s cool art, clothing designs, consignments, vintage goods ect!

I would love to collaborate with other artists, shop owners, creatives,  in the Ashland/Talent area to make this happen! I would love for a writer to write and article about a topic such at local artist collaborations, kid culture or even a story or poem to publish in a local publication.

I am hoping to use children age 3 to 7 or 8, someone to do face paint and people to loan used or hand made or designed clothing, costumes and props. I am also looking for someone who owns a piece of property in a wooded creek area to use, as well as many other things. I have worked on styled shoots with children before to promote local businesses/designers and it is so much fun. If you would like to know more leave a comment or email me and let’s chat! I would love to be shooting this September 18th!

You don’t have to come to the shoot, but of course you are welcome to! I can pick up any items you would like to loan and of course you will be given access to images for your facebook, website, etc as well as credit for your art wherever it is publish in print and online! Let’s show people what cool thing we can do together all locally! And share this with other’s you know who may want to participate!

Note: I do not own these images, they are borrowed form magazines, books and google image searches for the purposes of helping other artists see my vision for the feel of the shoot. I in no way claim these as my own works.

Send me an email to get involved or loan and item or location! or find me on Facebook here!