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We are a pretty geeky little family. My hubby is a total geek and we have two pretty tech-savvy preschoolers. We play Wii and XBox Kinect as a family, watch Big Bang Theory, and enjoy internet mems and relate to them during our daily routines just to name a few things. Recently Josiah has been playing with a pair of these 3D glasses that the lenses popped out of and when I saw him in them it sparked a photo shoot vision in me which resulted in our “Geek Love” shoot in Ashland today. This wall is in an alley way on someone’s shed, looks like they repainted over some unwanted art work. 🙂

We are making the best of a too short and not so even hair cut Josiah received from a local salon in town, and I think Josiah is rock’n the look. He kind of looks like Ralphie from a A Christmas Story in some of these, which Brian thinks is sad, but I think is too cute! Hey I will get away with it while I can! 🙂

To all my moms, my mom friends and anyone else who has ever tried to function on the sleep a newborn provides, feed a 9 month old or grocery shop with a toddler. A little humor for your day!

So this is my little Easter art project. After talking with my dear friend Anne, it’s probably the result of watching too many documentaries lately, but the idea actual came to me last week when on the same day I saw a Facebook ad for chocolate lambs to “win Easter back for Jesus” and chocolate crosses  next to the chocolate bunnies at the dollar store.

Now celebrate Easter for whatever reason you want, but being a Christian, I try to primarily remember Jesus’ giving of His life on the cross, as payment for my sins and the sins of the world. So when I see people intentionally trying to point people toward Jesus as the reason for Easter, and then try, in the same blow to sell candy that they feel is in some way more righteous than other “non-Christian candy” I really just don’t get it.

In the end I don’t think it is really a religious issue for me so much as it is an issue of frustration with commercialism, however I don’t really think Jesus takes great pleasure in us eating milk chocolate crucifixes when I really think about it.

Oddly, as I was going though my images tonight I saw this Walmart ad for the first time, which I felt conveyed the very same thing I was trying to say in my image….only they were using it to sell Easter stuff, which was just ironic to say the least.

I won’t say anything else about it other than there were a lot of people watching us in Lithia park this afternoon, wondering why we had a million eggs for two kids, why they weren’t hidden well, why I had a 70″ softbox at an Easter egg hunt, why I was photographing unhappy children, how long I have lived in Ashland, if I had a business card, if this was a commercial job and one lady told me in Spanish that it was too cold for Autumn to be without a sweater. Happy Easter. 🙂