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Babies during their First Year Milestones at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months old.

SO every year for the last 6 years I have done pumpkin patch mini sessions in my home town. SInce moving away I make a point to come back to shoot these each year. I get so emotional seeing all these “big kids” that I began photographing as newborns, some I semenax available in even attended their births! This year I photographed 30 families in one day of mini sessions and wow was it a busy day! I had a great time with Mali, my lovely assistant and with all of the babies and children. Can’t wait to see you all again next year!

Over the past several months I have been photographing some local mamas for a project. Every summer I do a personal project for nothing other than to see something beautiful in my head realized and to help me and hopefully you remember that the best things in life are the simple, natural and everyday things we have before us each day. This year I wanted to simple capture mothers breastfeeding. There is no motive here other than to show that breastfeeding is beautiful and normal and different for every mother.

Many of of breastfeeding babies, depending on how many we have fore years during our lifetime and some people never have a single photo of it. I simply wanted to document this stage for some sweet mamas and their children.

If photos for breastfeeding offend you nutrition hgh, you may not want to be on a birth photographer’s blog, haha, but more importantly you may need to relax and know that women’s bodies and their breasts need not be sexualized. They were created for an amazing gift of nourishment and can be seen by generations to come as a healthy and normal part of childbearing and rearing if we only diaplay them as such. Blessings.

This is me breastfeeding Josiah at somewhere around 3-5 months (it was on film so no date stamp!). Outside of the hospital it is my only photo of me breastfeeding either of my babies, and one I cherish. My husband took this during one of his photography projects in art school. I think he was the only student who showed a photo of his wife topless to the class. 🙂


If you have seen the current issue of Southern Oregon Family out around the Rogue Valley, then you have seen the sweet Miss Roxanne gracing the cover. 🙂 You may remember Roxanne from the “Lost Boys” inspired blanket fort at the creek shoot or from the session with her two newborn brothers. And to think when I met her last year she was camera shy! Anyway Southern Oregon Family ask me to take some pictures of Roxanne and incorporate flowers for their penis enlargement knoxville spring cover. You can see the one they picked below and here are some other of my favorites. When we did the shoot there wasn’t nearly as much blooming as there is now, but we managed to find some pretty spots (thanks to the family that lives on Hersery that let me use their yard for the daffodil shots!).

Today I popped into Roxanne’s house to snap a few pictures of her brothers who I believe are no 4 months old!