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Beautiful and tasteful images of a new baby coming into the world, in a hospital, home or birth center environment, vaginal delivery or cesarean.

This week I got to witness the home birth of a new baby born born in the caul into a beautiful family of 6 brothers and sisters, what a joy! Here are some of my favorite photos from his birth story and the morning after when he met his siblings.


Note: Birth photos are all done in color and in most cases provided to the family in both color and black and white. To learn more about my on call birth photography coverage or request a free consultation, please click the “Contact” button at the top of this page and send me your information. I look forward to talking to you. -Crystal

1 couple of hours ago in the middle of the night Jacob made his way earthside, via the strength of his unbelievable beautiful and strong mama and under the watchful e of one of his big sisters. Here’s a couple before I catch a nap, since its 5:23 am and I haven’t slept yet. 🙂

IMG_3732IMG_3759IMG_3788april brithIMG_3889

Today I got to document a sweet baby girl’s entrance into the world at home, with her mom, dad, two big brothers, two midwives and two doulas! It was such a beautiful celebration! Lioness, you are so loved already and your mama is so strong! Here are some of my favorites form her birth today. board0board1boad2


This sweet baby boy came into the world via cesarean last week and I got to document his mama going into and then everyone coming out of surgery as well as his first couple of hours of life, nursing, meeting his big sister and other loved ones. It was a lovely day for a beautiful baby boy to be born. And the baby’s name is not actually Banjo, as the title might have led on, but what the Dr. was calling him before his mom and dad settled on a name for him. 🙂