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Children 18 Months and up, playing, swimming, laughing, being serious, at birthday parties, painting and anything else they do!

After a move from Ashland, Oregon to Bellingham, Washington this summer and having our sweet baby Silas in August, the holidays and 5 months of maternity leave from photography, I am back! I still really miss Ashland, but also love Bellingham, our new home and the people we met and places we have been so far. Here’s a little photo update form my life!

Silas’ Newborn Pictures in August



Autumn in downtown Bellingham in September, just a mile from our house.


Josiah, Silas and Autumn in my room in September.


We all went to Ruston in October for my annual Pumpkin Patch Mini Sessions


Right after coming back to Bellingham, Silas and I flew to Sacramento to photograph my brother in law’s wedding.


All three kids in Ashland at the beginning of November


Silas in November


Josiah in December. He is in first grade at a great school here. He is still dancing and doing great in school.


Silas, about a week before he turned 5 months.


7 Bald Eagles we saw last week on the Nooksak River in Washington, about 30 minutes away from where we live.


Me and Silas on the Nooksak River

So that is all for now, I am now a mom of three, living in Bellingham, enjoying exploring all the beauty of this area of the northwest and trying to keep up with my kiddos! I’m hoping in 2014 to start shooting births again (more on that later) and being more social and meeting and hanging out with more women and other moms.



Today Autumn had Crazy Hair Day at preschool. We looked around the internet together last night and she told me she wanted pink unicorn hair. So here it is (it is also covered in glitter, but you can’t really tell in the photo).  In case you can’t tell her hair is pulled into a pony tail with an elastic in the front, hair-sprayed  to keep the short pieces in the back in place and then wrapped around 2 pipe cleaners and then prayed pink in two coats (her hair is brown so it needed two coats to show up well) and then top coated with glitter hair spray. 🙂 Happy Friday!

SO every year for the last 6 years I have done pumpkin patch mini sessions in my home town. SInce moving away I make a point to come back to shoot these each year. I get so emotional seeing all these “big kids” that I began photographing as newborns, some I semenax available in even attended their births! This year I photographed 30 families in one day of mini sessions and wow was it a busy day! I had a great time with Mali, my lovely assistant and with all of the babies and children. Can’t wait to see you all again next year!

Over the past several months I have been photographing some local mamas for a project. Every summer I do a personal project for nothing other than to see something beautiful in my head realized and to help me and hopefully you remember that the best things in life are the simple, natural and everyday things we have before us each day. This year I wanted to simple capture mothers breastfeeding. There is no motive here other than to show that breastfeeding is beautiful and normal and different for every mother.

Many of of breastfeeding babies, depending on how many we have fore years during our lifetime and some people never have a single photo of it. I simply wanted to document this stage for some sweet mamas and their children.

If photos for breastfeeding offend you nutrition hgh, you may not want to be on a birth photographer’s blog, haha, but more importantly you may need to relax and know that women’s bodies and their breasts need not be sexualized. They were created for an amazing gift of nourishment and can be seen by generations to come as a healthy and normal part of childbearing and rearing if we only diaplay them as such. Blessings.

This is me breastfeeding Josiah at somewhere around 3-5 months (it was on film so no date stamp!). Outside of the hospital it is my only photo of me breastfeeding either of my babies, and one I cherish. My husband took this during one of his photography projects in art school. I think he was the only student who showed a photo of his wife topless to the class. 🙂