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Babies in the first 2 weeks of life.

Yesterday I photographed baby Milo and his mom and dad in their home (conveniently located a couple blocks from my house!) for a lifestyle baby session. Milo was 8 weeks and his session was filled with cuddles and beautiful morning sunlight and lots of love. Here are some of my favorites! Thanks for allowing me to photograph your family you three, I can’t wait to see all again!


Big families are one of my favorite subjects to photograph, the easy going nature of groups this large and general playfulness seep out out into their photos and its is a fun challenge to try and get an even number of images of each child in a big group like this. This sweet family just welcomed baby number 7 and we did a fun family session in their front yard in the peak of the Pacific Northwest colors. Here are some of my favorites!



Last week I got to photograph the birth of baby Ciel and then at 7 days old I got to see her again at home with her family for a newborn session. I absolutely adore this sweet family! Ciel is so alert and responsive and oh so loved. Here’s some of my favorites!

Yesterday I got to spend a couple hours over at baby Joaquin’s house with his family. This baby is too much sweetness! I could have held him all day.

I love any opportunity to photograph newborns in their homes, with their families in natural settings. It’s more of a lifestyle approach to newborn photography that I really dig (even though I still love posing sleeping babies too, its fun that my families enjoy different styles and I get to do them all!). Here are a few of my favorites.

If you would like to bring the family some meals you can sign up for that here.