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The occasional wedding, couple, or senior that steps in front on my camera. I must really love them!

It is time again for my once a year wedding. I usually tell people “I don’t do weddings,” but the truth is I usually photograph about 1 per year, usually for a close friend or family member or when it feel like a good match and I’m not on call for a birth. This year I was pleased to photograph Al and Kate’s wedding in Ashland, Oregon. Both are incredibly talented actors with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and good friends of my friends Rodney and Sarah who’s wedding I photographed down there last year.
Kate was such a lovely, graceful bride, if you;d have passed her on the street and not known she was getting married in a few hours, you wouldn’t have even guessed. I am happy to get to (over) share so many images since lately I have been so engrossed din birth photography where I sometimes don’t get to share any or only a few from any given family. So I apologize in advance for how many will be included in this post. The whole day and all the people were just so beautiful and the reception was SO much fun. I adore seeing people having a good time!

I am pleased to introduce to you my lovely friend Maren. She’s pretty amazing, and also just so happens to be single. Because of both of these things, she came up with a fun idea to make snarky Valentines for her other single friends. When she told me her ideas, I was so excited to make it happen! Here are some of the pictures from our photo shoot together and some of the resulting Valentines. If you’d like to print your own, you can download a PDF of all the designs here.

I had so much fun with these I couldn’t help but finish it off with a box and perforation, full on, kid character style!


Below are some of the Valentine’s and some of the other pictures I liked, there are so many more, too many to put here, but gee whiz, this chica is gorgeous and amazingly fun to spend an after shooting with!

A few weeks ago I packed up my littles and headed over to the Kitsap peninsula to spend a few days with my big sister and her family. Her oldest daughter Jennifer is about to begin her senior year of high school and she asked me to take her senior pictures! First of all, I can’t believe my niece is a going to be graduating high school this year, that she is driving and that today she started her first job! Secondly I was so excited to photograph her! I normally don’t photograph many seniors. To be honest, it is because I didn’t feel cool in high school and senior photography intimidated me because I still feel pretty uncool. But, when I began to look at senior photography, I was  saddened by the overuse of make up and accessories and often sexual poses. This made me feel like I had the chance to photograph my niece being herself and looking her age in places she loves and poses she felt comfortable and confident in, one that didn’t over sexualize her.

The best part is, we had a great time together and I loved spend a couple hours hanging out, talking about life and growing up and shooting-it was a blast!  Thanks Jennifer for showing me how much I love photographing people of any age and spending  a morning with me and letting me be your senior photographer. I love you and I am so proud of the woman you are growing up to be-beautiful, strong, hard working and bright!


I know it’s still spring, but with a busy summer ahead, it is already time to book plane tickets to Ruston, Louisiana for the fall for my annual Pumpkin Patch Mini Sessions. If you are a North Louisiana resident (or one of our die hard pumpkin patch travelers from down south!) sign up now! This year I have only one day of shooting, and only 30 time slots.


You may also pre-purchase your pumpkins from the Townsend House vigrx plus australia this way and avoid going inside to pay or worrying about their business hours! We will give you a receipt on the day of to pick out your pumpkins and pay the Townsend House up front for your pumpkins.

NOTE: ALL 30 Session Spots have been snatched up on one day! Wow! I am taking 2 additional  full newborn sessions during the visit and that’s all! You may leave a comment below to get on the waiting list, in case someone does not pay. Thanks!