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A few weeks ago I packed up my littles and headed over to the Kitsap peninsula to spend a few days with my big sister and her family. Her oldest daughter Jennifer is about to begin her senior year of high school and she asked me to take her senior pictures! First of all, I can’t believe my niece is a going to be graduating high school this year, that she is driving and that today she started her first job! Secondly I was so excited to photograph her! I normally don’t photograph many seniors. To be honest, it is because I didn’t feel cool in high school and senior photography intimidated me because I still feel pretty uncool. But, when I began to look at senior photography, I was  saddened by the overuse of make up and accessories and often sexual poses. This made me feel like I had the chance to photograph my niece being herself and looking her age in places she loves and poses she felt comfortable and confident in, one that didn’t over sexualize her.

The best part is, we had a great time together and I loved spend a couple hours hanging out, talking about life and growing up and shooting-it was a blast!  Thanks Jennifer for showing me how much I love photographing people of any age and spending  a morning with me and letting me be your senior photographer. I love you and I am so proud of the woman you are growing up to be-beautiful, strong, hard working and bright!


bellingfam-bellingham-bucket-list-logo1This weekend the kids and I chose #49 off the Bellingham Bucket List and did half of it! Haha! We did the visiting the Cornwall Park Spray Park and didn’t do the Fairhaven one in the same day-but here’s why: Cornwall Park is just SO awesome! It sits on 65 acres of land covered in green forest, creeks, 1 play grounds, a spry park, tennis courts, bathrooms, disc golf course, tennis courts, trails and more! This weekend we played in the spray park, the playground, walked some of the trails an played in the creek, finding fish and crawfish (yes it is crawfish, not crayfish you yuppies! 😉 ). The creek the runs under the bridge directly behind the spray park runs through a cluster of perfect fairy little pools and down into a calm spot. It was was the perfect play for my kids and other around their age and older to explore the wildlife and play in the little waterfalls until the sun was setting.

We like to park in the lot that utilizes the traffic light at Meridian and Squalicum Way, when it not too full. Here the city’s website with more info on the park. The spray park is open 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. daily through Labor Day! Here are some pictures from our day.

My little crew and Ibellingfam-bellingham-bucket-list-logo1are enjoying our second summer in Bellingham and now that I am not pregnant and unpacking (like last summer) we are enjoying many more outings and activities. A local blog has created the Bellingham Bucket List that we are using to help choose fun activities to do as a family. This is our number 32: hit up the local u-pick farms. We tried out Barbie’s Berries  (Facebook Page here) for strawberries this week because they are a family-owned farm using sustainable farming practices that I had heard good things about. We were  not disappointed! The fields are well maintained, staff was friendly and helpful, berries were delicious and the kids had a great time eating and picking and comparing berries. Here are some pictures from our trip.

I wore Silas (10 months) on my back in the ergo for a while, but bending over with a 24 pound chunked on your back picking is no fun for you or him for too long so I resorted to letting him crawl after me while I picked and he ate dirt and berries. It worked for us. 🙂




I became a newborn photographer before the vast majority of my friends had children of their own. It is super exciting to be photographing the babies of my dearest friends. This past week I was able to take my 5 month old, Silas and leave home (Bellingham, WA) and fly to meet Liam, the first baby of my friend Claire! Claire and I met when I moved to Louisiana when I was 15. She was in college and volunteering as the youth intern at my church’s youth group. She mentored  me and we became great friends. When I went to college we lived together as roommates until I got married in 2005.  While we lived together she got Cabot, a golden retriever who was a puppy at the time. It was also special to include Cabot in these photos.


Welcome to the world baby Liam. You are so loved already!



Claire at her wedding (I got to be her wedding photographer too!) in 2010.


Me and Claire at my wedding in 2005.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 1.52.57 PM

Me and baby Liam this week!