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Tonight I wanted to write about another great mama owned local business called Growing Green Baby here in Ashland, Oregon. Growing Green Baby is a small little shop packed full of awesome eco-friendly baby and kids products. Every time I am in the store I am amazed at how intuitive and diverse their products are. They care food best penis enlargement exercises processors, cribs, organic mattresses, art supplies, toys, slings, cloth diapers, gear and more!

They even have a great online store, so if you are outside of the area, you can shop online. Here are some photos of the store and their showcase of some of their children’s art supplies during a demo they had (that my daughter loved!).

I really wanted a camera bag for Christmas, but no one that buys me gifts spends enough on me to get me a cute messenger style camera bag. Not to mention that there are very few that I think are really my style (usually the one’s that are meant for men are the the ones I like best). I found a lot of tutorials online for converting purses into camera bags. They all very a little bit, but here is my version.

I am including images from the first bag I modified to be a camera bag and the second which only holds a camera and one lens (this one I made for my stepmom for Christmas).


  • 1-1.5″ velcro (amount depends on how big of a bag you are making, but I used 1 packages)
  • 1 bag (Choose the size based on what you carry. I chose a larger purse with a messenger strap from Target for $30)
  • 1 yard of soft fabric (I used a cotton, pajamas type fabric)
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • 1- 2 pack of 1 inch thick poly foam ( I used one that came in a 15X17 inch rectangle and didn’t need to cut it!)

Step 1: My foam piece (15X17 inch) fit exactly into the my bag perfectly, so there was no cutting or measuring required. I simply laid my foam piece down on my fabric (folded in half) and cut my fabric to fit my foam, leaving about a 1.5 in border on every side.

Step 2: Sew the fabric around the foam like a pillow case. (In other words, turn the fabric inside our and sew 3 f the sides together. Then turn right side out and stuff the foam inside and sew the opening closed tight around the foam.)

Step 3: Put the covered pad inside your bag and decide how wide of a bade your bag has/needs. For the size and shape of mine, my pad divided almost equally into thirds to form a bottom or base. I marked these out using pins.

Step 4: Next I sewed a straight line down each of the thirds to make my pad fold nicely to form a base. Because of the thickness of the pad I left my sewing machine foot up and had my brother help pull the padding and fabric through. I also used a heavy duty needle in my machine.

Step 5: Cut the soft side of the velcro into two strips that are equal to the length of your pad. Pin them in place and sew them down using two passes to keep it from curling. Use the method above (and a lot of patience) when working with the thickness. Also give your self grace when you curse at the sewing machine or me for making you think this was a good idea. I promise, the hard part is over after this step! 🙂

Step 6: Insert the pad in your bag! Now figure out how many dividers you want. For my bag I made 5. One for each end of my bag to pad the sides (you could actually sew these to your pad, but since I don’t love to sew, I used them as removable velro inserts like the rest), and 3 others  to divide up the bag into areas for my lenses, flash and camera. In order to choose how large to make your inserts, measure the width of you bag with the insert and a piece of equipment in it. I drew out the dimensions on paper and inserted them into the bag to check to see if they were wide and tall enough.

Step 7: Now using your paper,  measure off the foam and cut the rectangles out. Now measure the fabric by laying out the foam and leaving an inch on two sides, and leave 2ish inches on the remaining side so that you will have plenty of room for the flaps and the velcro strips.

Step 8: Sew your foam into your fabric leaving a one inch flaps on the two tall sides. Sew along the foam on these sides to keep the foam in place. Now sew on the rough sides of the velcro to the flaps (one facing one way and one the other, check cheap department store bags if that doesn’t make sense but when you put the insert in your bag the flaps will make it a Z shape. Does that make sense?).

Step 9: Repeat for as many inserts as you want and you are done! This took me about 4-5 hours. It is hard to tell because of the shopping and needle breaking that occurred, which made the project stretch over two days. My sewing level is novice and I had no help so you can definitely do this for yourself! The second bag (the smaller teal on shown), I sewed using the same technique only I sewed the ends  (sides) of the padding together after I had the pad and fabric sew together. I didn’t make inserts for it since it only hold a camera and lens. 🙂

Happy sewing!

A few weeks ago while out with Autumn, we stopped at the cutest cupcake shop in Talent, Oregon, called The Cupcake Daily (Click to find them on Facebook:). We shared a Mint Chocolate Cupcake and it was SO yummy! After talking to the owner and finding out they were relatively new and a sweet little family operation and needed some photography, I was instantly interested! I don’t really have a lot of food photography experience, but it was something new and fun to do. Last week I set up on a table in the shop and shot several different flavors and then my little Josiah and Autumn and one of their friends came in to enjoy some of their “create your own” cupcakes. The kids love being able to choose a blank cupcake and add fillings, icing, and toppings. They couldn’t have been more happy.

I can’t wait to do Autumn’s birthday cupcakes here! If you are in the area be sure to check them out, they also serve a yummy breakfast and lunch and their Facebook Page can tell you what specialty flavors they have each day!

There Smore’s Cupcake is to die for! It has tiny little graham cracker crust, melted chocolate, marshmallow creme (which the toast, not pictured) and it is just amazing!

Notice Josiah in the black and white on the bottom row, doing a “happy dance” for getting a cupcake “with marsh-mewows.”

While visiting my niece in Sacramento briefly this week she agreed to model this lovely outfit that I thought was perfect for her! Pants, shirt and hair piece all are handmade by an Ashland, Oregon local mom and they are great. She has the cutest little store and a booth at the Ashland Artisan’s Emporium! You can find her on Facebook here!

Anyway, I love her stuff so much I have to share! I also have some other pictures of another local crafter/designer I need to post as well. I will try to do that tomorrow! Thanks you Kylie for showing this outfit off on our way into dinner in the parking lot. 🙂 Such a sweet girl and she just turned 3! Happy Birthday girlie!

This is Kylie again an hour later after dinner eating ice cream with my son, Josiah. She cracks him up as you can see. They are two peas in a pod!

We have spent the last several days in the car driving from Ashland, Oregon to Ruston, Louisiana to do some work and visit family for the month of June (before we head off to Kenya for two weeks in July). If worked out perfect for us to spend a day in Dallas on the way to visit some friends there and photograph Liam, the newborn son of our good friends Will and Jennifer who used to live in Ruston and go to church with us.  We were sad Will had to work, so family pictures didn’t work out, but maybe on the way home. 🙂

Here’s a little sneak peak.

This is Liam and his handmade wooden guitar rattle. His daddy builds guitars and plays them, so it was the perfect fit for Liam’s newborns!

He is a little rock star, sporting his mohawk already. 🙂

This sweet hat was made by Cute As a Button, check out their hats and hair accessories they are so fun! Each of their items features a vintage button and is one of a kind! They are Ashland, Oregon locals! 🙂