Kellen Ketchum Sneak Peak

Well I am so happy to say that as you guys can see I had an AMAZING Mother’s Day. I got a tear jerking video and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Anyways I wanted to share with you a sneak peak of my time with 6 day old Kellen today as well as a quote from Eli ‘s (remember that cute 3 months old?) mother concerning newborn pictures that I thought was so insightful and encouraging to me. Thank you Jennifer! And Thank you Troy and Kellye for letting me be such a big part of your lives!

“I have such regret over not getting newborn pictures of my firstborn. I was naive and thought I could take them myself, but it just didn’t work. By the time I’d recovered and all of our guests had gone, it’d already been 2 weeks and the window of opportunity had passed. It still makes me sad that I can never get those moments back.

Crystal, the pictures I’ve seen are truly more amazing that i could have hoped for. I may have missed those newborn pictures but I don’t plan to miss anymore. We’ll be in touch again in about 3 months…after we pick up the rest of the pics from this time, that is. Thanks again!”

-Jennifer Watson


Layla 9 Months

Today I ventured out to get some pictures of Ms. Layla Saige. I just love this age! She was curious about everything and kept us going fast just to keep up with her. As you can see she is a little doll! Thanks Ownby’s for being a part of sending Brian to Kenya!





All Caught Up!

Well I am now officially all caught up from my vacation and am done editing all my clients images! Most of you should have them now. Here are a few of the Pucket’s family pictures that I just finished from last Saturday! Thanks for being patient with me while I got caught up, I have the best clients!


Three Best Friends

The morning we all left for the beach was a stormy one. Natalie and her three friends, who were scheduled for outdoors pictures while they were all having their annual girl time weekend, got moved indoors. As you can see we still had a great time!




A Vacation and a Birth

So thanks to the amazing generosity of the Johnston family we were all able to spend three days away from home, play on the beach and relax free of charge! We had an wonderful time and the only thing that made us enjoy coming home was that Kellye and Troy Ketchum had their baby right as I drove into town. They didn’t know what they were having and it turned out to be a boy, Samuel! He weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces and measured 19 and 3/4 inches long. Kellye and Troy had taken my childbirth class and were clam and prepared the whole way through! Congrats guys, I cannot wait to take his newborn pictures in a few days! Here are some from the birth and our trip!


We took him out of the water for this and he wasn’t happy as you can see.