Summer Fun and Free Sessions!

Kelly challenged people reading her blog to post there summer fun goals. When I got to looking at her and thinking about mine it made me really happy that I already spend tons of time just goofing off with my kids and my family. Brian and I work side by side throughout the day tag-teaming child care, meals, play and work. We may not make as much money as some families but we truly cherish every moment together. At any rate I did think of some other fun stuff I want to do this summer!
Summer Fun Goals
  1. Do yoga five times a week
  2. Take pictures for fun
  3. Plant flowers and keep them alive
  4. Take Josiah and Autumn to the beach
  5. Convince our parents to have a standing appointment with our kids so Brian and I can spend time alone together once a week for 2-3 hours. (They each only have to do it twice a month!:)
  6. Die my hair.
  7. Hang out with Rachel, Brittany and Claire (because my friends will all be in Ruston)
  8. Get one shade darker than my current skin tone “pasty white.”
  9. Play in the rain with Josiah
  10. Felt with Rach
  11. Shop at thrift stores once a week
  12. Make a video with the kids while Brian is in Africa
  13. Print a 4 16X20’s of my kids and hang them in my house
  14. Catch up on my scrapbooking
  15. Get my friends together for margaritas and house painting!


Speaking of summer Brian is going to Kenya this summer with Share International to do documentary work that will raise awareness for the work going on there.  In order to help raise money fro his trip I am offering portraits for Mother’s Day from now until May 10th to anyone interested. The session will be free and you will receive all your hi-resolution images on a disk with a donation to his trip. Checks can be made payable to Share International and are tax deductible so book now!

Meet Ben

Beth brought Ben over for his 3 month old pictures a couple weeks ago. Beth and her husband Neil were in a newlyweds Bible study with Brian and I when we were first married and they took my childbirth classes when they were pregnant, so I have had a great opportunity to get to know them.

Beth and I had fun doing Ben’s pictures and I just loved how they turned out. You can see my favorite at the top on the blog in the header!




Rain, Rain Go Away!

So today  I had two shoots scheduled that both got moved to next week because of rain, wetness, and or threat of rain. You can read about what Brian and the kids and I did instead here.

But in honor of this rainy day, here is a little treat that that my mother-in-law, Zelda, and I did for my incredibly awesome sister-in-law’s baby shower invitation.  I have always wanted to throw a baby shower and have a picture of the mother-to-be holding an umbrella in the rain (get it for a shower? lol) on the invitation. I know…. it is wonderfully cheesy!

So anyway, the theme of this baby shower is “Baby Gone Wild” which will feature hot pink and Zebra striped decor (fun huh?).  The inspiration behind the lighting in this photograph as well as all the technical tips came from a very talented guy named Wijita in Indonesia. So props to him for his awesomeness and willingness to share his secrets so that I could get the invitation picture I dreamed of!

You should have seen us all outside during the making of this! There were extension cords, lights, my almost two year old running around, neighbors watching, everyone getting wet, and sweet Katie just kept a pretty smile on the whole time Zelda and I tortured her with bright lights, flashes, water and lenses! Thanks Katie, you are wonderful.


Amber’s Wedding

Several week’s ago Brian and I headed over to Shreveport for our sweet friend Amber’s wedding. Amber is one of the sweetest and most beautiful girls I know. Her heart, kindness and thoughtfulness made her day extremely lovely to photograph (and video for Brian). I was second shooting at Amber’s wedding as my mother in law, Zelda,  was Amber’s photographer. I love second shooting weddings. I don’t shoot many of my own as I refer births to weddings and babies to brides, but Amber’s wedding was beautiful and fun. Here are some from her big day! Thank you Amber for being such a wonderful person and bride. 🙂


The Carter’s little peanut.

In my last post I shared with you some moments from Bruce and Hillary’s birth. Here are some images from his time at my house today!img_0502



He got tired of me and hid in this one.