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Happy Birthday Kristi!

Today is my wonderful friend Kristi’s birthday! She is probably the most generous and down to earth person I know. Kristi you have been a wonderful friend to me, I only wish we had met sooner. In your honor here are few more of your little Rowdy from yesterday! Autumn and Rowdy playing in the...

Cooper 3 Months

Here are some more great expressions of Cooper from today. Oh and Kristen and Matt, I forgot to tell you that Brian and I have a funny story about you, Matt: The afternoon Brian took me out to ask me to be his girlfriend in highschool, we were in the youth room at the church...

Cooper Sneak Peak

Today I met up with Cooper who is about to turn 3 months old. I caught him at a bad time so we are going to meet again tomorrow, but here are a couple from today. Love that hair!