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Kellen Ketchum Sneak Peak

Well I am so happy to say that as you guys can see I had an AMAZING Mother’s Day. I got a tear jerking video and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Anyways I wanted to share with you a sneak peak of my time with 6 day old Kellen today as well as a quote...

Layla 9 Months

Today I ventured out to get some pictures of Ms. Layla Saige. I just love this age! She was curious about everything and kept us going fast just to keep up with her. As you can see she is a little doll! Thanks Ownby’s for being a part of sending Brian to Kenya!

Eli Take 2

Jennifer and I met at her house again today to catch Eli for some more pictures at his happiest time of the day. I will let you see for yourself what a little ham he is!

Meet Ben

Beth brought Ben over for his 3 month old pictures a couple weeks ago. Beth and her husband Neil were in a newlyweds Bible study with Brian and I when we were first married and they took my childbirth classes when they were pregnant, so I have had a great opportunity to get to know...

A Very Rowdy Easter

This my sweet little nephew Rowdy! He and Autumn are just weeks apart in age and we are hoping they will be as good of friends as Kristi and I are! Isn’t he precious? Hope you all had a happy Easter! I think he is going to be mad about this later in life, but...